Local funding opportunities

Safer North Stonehouse has set up a Community Sparks fund that local groups and residents can apply for!!!! The fund will support small initiatives and ideas to enhance an area in ways that deter anti-social behaviour and make a space more ‘friendly’ and safe for residents.

All that’s required is that the project has a positive impact on the local neighbourhood in ways which help people feel safe, feel a greater sense of belonging and involvement in their neighbourhood.

Small Sparks – small-scale projects requiring up to £250. These projects are likely to involve a small number of people, maybe a couple of residents who want to do something close to home to improve the street that they live on.

Big Sparks – Larger-scale projects requiring up to £3000; These projects are likely to involve a larger number of people, to bring people together within a neighbourhood and spark a longer- legacy of collaborating to continue the momentum of positive change.

Find out more about applying on the Stronger North Stonehouse website.

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