Nudge 5 – Out on the street

Nudge 5 – on the street

We love getting out on the street and changing how it feels for our community. We have been testing out nudges for years in Palace Sq and this year outside Hot Diggity Dog.

We are really excited to share that we are one of the communities selected for Creative Civic Change funding from the Local Trust. Together we can now create more joy, colour and activity along Union Street and make our community voice heard.

Did you spot the zebras? To listen to how people feel on the street and gather ideas we have been out and about chatting to local people about what they would love to see, what they would enjoy being part of and how the street could change. Keep reading to find out how to get involved and what we have been up to.

Have an idea? If you are a local artist, maker, performer, local business…or just know what you would love to see on the street then we want to hear from you! One side of A4, pictures, simple words and an idea of costs is all we need to start a conversation –

Have an opinion? Do you know what you love and hate? Do you know and care about Union Street? Then join a bunch of opinionated local people to look at what’s happening along the street and say what you think. Together we can make sure what happens is great value, right for our community and that we learn together. If this sounds like something for you, get in touch and join the Community Critics. No experience required!

It has been a busy first 6 months including hiring Helen our Creative Enabler, pop into one of her Let’s get Nudging days every Tuesday 11-2pm in The Clipper! Below read what happened in the first 3 months.

Local Engagement Commission with Plymouth Art Weekender! We joined up with our friends at PAW to bring a fun piece of art below to Union Street in September 2019, read about it more here! Did you see it? Did you stop or walk right past it? Tell us what you think –

Make it Up! on 86 Union Street.

Upcoming activity

  • At Manor St Market 30th November WonderZoo will hold a silent protest and local artist Kathy Wray will be printing on the street
  • A One Window Show 28th Nov – 1st Dec 5-8pm, in Union Corner’s window will feature short films for everyone to view on the street. Joining in with illuminate Light Festival 2019
  • Union Street Discovery Tours, first one 27th November 5.30-7pm. Lead by Rachel Dobbs and Nudger Helen Williams, wander through Union Street and see it like never before. – Check the event here!

Keep in the Nudge know by following @nudgecommunity

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