Nudge 5 – Joy and colour on Union Street

We love getting out on the street and changing how it feels for our community. We have been creating little nudges with local groups, artists and residents for many years, building up lasting change in our community.

Together we can now create more joy, colour and activity along Union Street and make our community voice heard.

Most of this work is supported by funding from the Local Trust through Creative Civic Change. We have a small working group of local people called the Nudge Sparks who meet and discuss projects and the funding. Check out our library of projects so far here and if you have an idea for the street, drop us an email on

New mural alert!

We’re in our third year of Creative Civic Change funding and this year we wanted to be brave and bold with our projects to make lasting change.

Our CCC projects focus on bringing joy and colour to the street and community so we decided to focus on the empty walls along the street.  We thought Union Corner could do with something extra special, so two local artists William Luz and Stephen Smith have collaborated to bring joy, colour and unity to a really prominent wall.

It will be seen by lots of people, it is at a set of traffic lights where around 14,000 vehicles drive passed daily, you can see the wall clearly from Aldi carpark and lots of school kids cross. The scaffolding will go up this week, work will begin at the end of May and we can’t wait to see what will appear!

Us, Will and Steve have been talking to all the groups who use Union Corner already for ideas and will have activities at our May Manor St market around it. Let us know what you would like to see! #nudgenudgelastingchange

On the Street now…go see!

Igneous Interactive

Try out the Igneous mural in Palace Square. See the mural in motion through augmented reality, Salina and Claire designed and animated characters to represent different communities in the form of mythical creatures. They asked each community how would you see yourself as a cartoon. Download the app at and see each character come alive!

Urban Magic – Jordon Hill

*Your work here is an ongoing project by artist Jordon Hill. It asks, could you do better than Van Gogh? If so, show off your own work by submitting a photograph of your work to appear on the gallery wall, the first round of submissions went up in April and will be refreshed every month. Drop your submission to #joinin

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