Nudge 4 – The Clipper

We are local residents who have been making things happen on Union Street in Plymouth for over 10 years.

Local people asked us to do something about the empty run down buildings on the street. After a lot of hard work we have set up Nudge as Community Benefit Society, we have quit our day jobs and have bought The Clipper, a pub that was well known as a 24 hour destination and has been standing empty for several years.

We love sharing what we are doing but we had to keep this quiet for a while until we knew it was really going to happen. You can read about our journey to ownership here.

We will be renovating the building to create two homes to meet local need and a mini market area on the ground floor. We will do this working with our community and in a way that invests in our community every step of the way. There will be lots of opportunity to get involved and we will offer community shares to enable local people to play a real role in what we do – so watch this space and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We have had loads of amazing support from local investors, Plymouth City Council, the Rank Foundation, Bright Solicitors, Bailey Partnership, RIO, the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Plymouth College of Art, and our local community to get this far – thank you.

Local spaces, local spend, local skills and local love…the adventure begins.

Read some of our media coverage here:

February 2018 – Herald update on the Clipper


2 thoughts on “Nudge 4 – The Clipper

  1. Nigel Cawse says:

    Great news hopefully this will have a knock on effect to sort out the malt house, the palace theatre and the building opposite Aldi which I think is called the theatre bar?


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