Nudge 2 – Data and digital

Local people have talked about their frustration about how data is used to make decisions in our local area.  We are interested in nudging how data is used, owned and created in disadvantaged areas.

How we use data can make people feel judged and put in a box. It can leave people feeling they are limited to what they can do and what they can expect from their future because of where they live.

We are exploring this data by sewing a giant collective tapestry. Every stitch shows a person – their age, their gender and much more. Local people will then find themselves on the tapestry and add a tag sharing information that is important to them.

Nudge 2

‘As you sew you start thinking about each individual in our community.’

There are over 10,000 stitches to make so we there is lots of opportunity for you to join in. 

‘This really makes you look at the data, question it and explore it.’

Limited edition data badges are continuing our discussions about data. Each badge is numbered and represents a piece of data – an individual in our community that has been the victim of a serious assault, a child living in poverty, a car travelling along Union Street or empty space in derelict or neglected buildings.