Nudge 3 – Manor Street Market

We were chatting to local businesses and our community who said a market would be a great way to bring Manor Street alive, support local businesses, make great use of Union Corner and bring the community together.

The first market was held on Saturday 5th May 2018, it was filled with interesting objects, food, music, activities, some fancy yellow umbrella’s and luckily lots of sunshine.

These are the street market dates for rest of this year and starting 2020…

The last Saturday of every month!

Everyone is welcome.

We keep the offer affordable for our local community with fun for families, music and refreshments.

Spaces start from £5 for local people, if you would like a space to sell things or run and activity please get in touch.

We are also looking for food stalls/vans and street performers, particularly local people. If that’s you get in touch.

Hot Club Stonehouse

Running your own event?

The beautiful market umbrellas are available for other communities to use, get in touch with us.

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