We are finding ways to keep nudging!

Here are some of the things happening on the street…

Free wifi

With support from the University of Plymouth and Outersight UK there is free wifi along Union Street. This to help you with school work, to access health information or to contact family and friends. Look for UnionStreetFreeWifi on your device.

Joy on the street

Local daily walks are being filled with love thanks to local people decorating the street with hearts, rainbows and little alien activists!

Free devices

Find out more about this project here.

Free food

Our Soup Volunteers are providing yummy lunches and food to take home Monday to Friday 12-2pm from Union Corner. It’s all packaged up for you to pick up on your daily walk.

Call us for help

We set up this phone line with POP+. It’s managed by volunteers each day who can shop, chat and help out in any way we can. Give it a ring if you need anything

Community is kindness

We joined in with this great national project to remind us all what’s important and brighten up the street.

Coming up soon…


Local artist collective Wonderzoo will be bringing you something special to listen to and enjoy when you are queuing for the supermarket.

Urban Magic

We partnered up with Plymouth Design Forum to run a competition to find local designers who could bring joy and colour to Union Street. Watch out on your walks!

Multiversal Canopy

Local artist, volunteer and all round amazing person has created some very special canopies to go up in Palace Square. Watch out for them, they’ll be up as soon as it’s safe to do so!


The fabulous wall on Union Street is still going to grow this year with designs submitted for the 400×400 with themes that are super relevant during these times.

How lucky are we to have you lovely lot in our community.

‘So good to see great things happening and love for community prevailing.’

Together we can do this xxx