We listen to our community and learn from them every day. We also keep a record of things we are doing and the difference we make to help measure our impact.

In three years we have:

  • Unlocked 25% of the land that has derelict and empty buildings on it.
  • Created 6 full time jobs (5 are people who live within 1 mile)
  • Spent 96% of our income in Plymouth and 53% within 1 mile
  • Supported 87 people to develop projects and businesses in Stonehouse
  • Hosted 51 interventions and improvements on the street
  • Worked with 286 organisations and people to host 1479 events attracting 54,000 people.
  • Created a free wifi area along the street used more than 2000 times in 6 months
  • Supported 112 people during Covid-19 Lockdown with shopping, regular calls and pharmacy pick ups.
  • Repurposed 75 digital devices with Borrow Don’t Buy for local families that had no suitable devices at home for school work or keeping connected.

Lovely things we hear:

‘You have done more for me than my family would.’

‘So much colour and love on the street.’

‘I think you have changed our area forever.’

‘We are so lucky to have this happening on our doorstep.’