This page shares all the little nudges on the street over the last year…

Funkitory Mural

Plot resident Azza Gasmin is about the give The Plot’s landscape wall an upgrade. She is working on her design which is inspired by her journey growing up in Stonehouse infused with her Saudi routes.

Union Street Party 2021

The Union Street Party celebrated its twelfth year in 2021 and it was the busiest year yet! With over 2,500 people enjoying activities, food, and music it was a day full of fun and smiles.

Union Corner Mural

Union Corner got a joyful upgrade thanks to local artist Will Luz and Stephen Smith this big burst of colour can be spotted on your way through the street and beyond.

Don’t Lose The Plot

Eleanor Rathbone from Happy Hare Studio gave The Plot’s outside wall a quirky twist with her statement type piece mixed with colours drawn from inside The Plot.

Urban Magic – Pete Clayton

Look out for some splashes of colour and thoughtful messaging by one of the winners of our Plymouth Design Forum competition, the super talented Pete Clayton.

Multiversal canopy

This stunning canopy created by Tom from FreeRadical using Calvin’s photos of the street party didn’t quite get up on the street before lockdown but it will be up as soon as we can.


The fabulous wall on Union Street is still going to grow this year with designs submitted to the Plymouth Design Forum for the 400×400 challenge on Instagram with themes that are super relevant during these times.

Community is kindness

We joined in with this great national project to remind us all what’s important right now and brighten up the street.

Alien Activists

We started making these during zoom meetings. They appear on the street as a little surprise on your walk. If you would like to make one you can use this pattern or make up your own. Drop it into Union Corner and we’ll add it on the street.

A pavillion for US

In collaboration with Visual Arts Plymouth we have commissioned William Luz to make something special on the street for the Art Weekender. Look out for more about this on the street and follow on Instagram.

Scrapstore new sign

The Scrapstore have worked with Art and Energy and Plymouth Energy Community to create a solar powered sign for their building.


Local artist collective Wonderzoo bring you something special to listen to and enjoy when you are queuing for the supermarket. Listen to the poems here.


The fabulous wall on Union Street is still going to grow this year with designs submitted to the Plymouth Design Forum for the 400×400 challenge on Instagram with themes that are super relevant during these times.

Community is kindness

We joined in with this great national project to remind us all what’s important right now and brighten up the street.

Window wonders

Creative windows along the street brought cheer through the winter months and now rainbow joy during our daily walks.

One window show

Local people sent in their films to be shown on large screens on the large windows at Union Corner. Loads of local talent and very popular with passers by.

Flowers for the wall

Local artist Anna ran a series of workshops for people to learn how to make these huge paper flowers that will all feature on the wall at The Plot.

Rings of light

Local artist Tom embraced the Illuminate vibes with these gorgeous rings of light glowing from The Clipper.

Union Street Discovery Tour 2

Local artist Rachel Dobbs created a unique tour of Union Street exploring questions about how spaces are used, owned and cared for.


The Theatre Royal Plymouth hosted six sell out performances of Underbelly – an immersive show created with Project X as part of their engagement programme.

Union Street Discovery Tour 1

Looking at Union Street through new lenses, tubes and maps – learning and discovering with local artist Rachel Dobbs.

Scrapstore van

The van is always out in the street and was in need of a good splash of colour and some tlc to show off all the special things happening at the Scrap Store

Wonderzoo Valentines

Wonderzoo spread some love with songs and poetry delivered live to peoples doors.

Little people

Isis, a student at the University of Plymouth created colourful mini scenes on the street.

Plot windows

Marking the next building to get a nudge on the street – plant inspired graphics covered the windows of The Plot.

Advent Box 2019

The little box of surprise and joy came back for another year – 24 local people creating special scenes for people to be surprised by each day.

School at the Clipper

Year 6 from Plymouth School of Creative Arts investigated what community means to them, ending with a showcase of their art and creations at The Clipper.

Clipper mural

Harry, a graphic design student at Plymouth College Art created the semaphore inspired mural at the back of The Clipper.


Local artist Kathy did free portraits of people at the street party and local markets. Sharing her skills and talent with passers by.

Market music

We filled the street with music at our monthly markets, celebrating local talent and creating a relaxed feel to the street.

Silent protest

Wonderzoo walked the streets and popped into local businesses to share their silent protest and inviting people to write what was important or they care about on their suit.

Street Party 2019

In its 10th year – the sun shone, over 2000 people spilled out on to the street for music, fun, massage in a bus stop, dancing, parkour and more…

Mrs Marvelous bunting

Over the summer Mrs Marvellous popped up at markets and events to work with local people to make this giant special bunting that will be put to good use every year.

Ceramics at the Street Party

Leigh and Helen from Flameworks worked with hundreds of peoples at the street party to make little ceramics inspired by the street.

Music at the Street Party

Two stages and the busking area filled the street with music of all types to keep the street party buzzing all afternoon.

Art at the Street Party

Artists getting ready for Plymouth Art Weekender came to the street party to give people a taster of the amazing things they could explore later in the month.

Commonsense T-shirts

Volunteers at the Street Party stood out with this extra shiny t-shirts hand printed by the local Commonsense Studio.

Commemorative posters

We thanked people who had contributed to the street party over the years with a limited edition special poster created by 51 Studio.

Art Weekender

The Clipper was filled with local artists and makers for the Art Weekender as hundreds came along and discovered all the local talent. This included Sue Lewry, Kitty McEwan and Steve Beer to name just a few. No Whey served up yummy food.

Make it up

Local artists Tabatha Andrews and Tim Bolton were the winners of joint commission with Visual Arts Plymouth and created this stunning display on the street inspired by the history of pattern cutting and making on the street.

Doc fixes damaged mural

The mural in The Clipper was painted in 1948. Damaged in 1980s local tattoo artist and painter Doc Price touched up the damaged areas.

Art Weekender Friday night

presented Wayne’s War of
the World, plus Friends filling Union Corner with sound and visual creativity.

Play Day

Annual Play Day outside the Scrapstore was the perfect opportunity to make giant natural dye bunting and share a bit of nudge love with other local organisations.

Hot Diggity Dog #2

Another pop-up afternoon for people passing by to enjoy and remind the local businesses how much the community cares about them.

Home Truths

Local printer and artist Alan Qualtrough created a Truth Tree on the street and a wall of prints reflecting what he hears the community discussing.

Data badges

Data is used to make lots of decisions in our community without us realising. These limited edition badges represent data about our neighbourhood. Let’s talk about it more!

Union Corner refresh

Working with McCarren Architects and Dave Elliott a local carpenter alongside a big team of volunteers we gave Union Corner a much needed refresh so it makes a high quality visual impact on the street.

Traffic Light

We found an old traffic light and Tom loved the idea of lighting it up and programming it to be the star of the show at future events.

Hot Diggity Dog #1

This part of the street needed a bit of nudge – what better than some music, ice lollies and fun on a sunny day!

Brass rubbing

Local artist Kathy experimented with different types of rubbing and print making using brass plaques of Palace Theatre posters.

150 Union Street

New graphics and art work add some colour to the street, including a portrait of Doc Price by Martin Bush.

CCC launch

We filled Palace Square with fun and colour to launch or Creative Civic Change adventure.