Welcome to The Clipper – a community market and cafe.

The Clipper used to be a 24hr pub that was the only place to drink at 5am in Plymouth, it had been empty for 4 years before we purchased it and turned it into a café/marketplace downstairs. Upstairs is 2 flats which are affordable housing. You can still see all the previous pub owners on the pole inside and a mural called ‘Friday night on Union Street‘. Painted in 1948 by Vincent Bennett, it is based on local characters that used to drink in the pub. We love bringing buildings and spaces back into use in quirky ways but always in a way that recognises the history and people that has gone before. Read the Clipper story here.

The Cafe

Omnium Radio have been running The Clipper community music hub & café since November 2020. They have a second studio in The Clipper and offer a range of sandwiches, breakfast and yummy ice cream milkshakes. They have open mic most days for local musicians to perform and test out material plus a great outdoor Sunday live music session 3-7pm! Stay up to date with their Facebook.


Tues 11am – 5pm

Weds 9am – 5pm

Thurs 9am – 5pm

Friday 11am – 5pm

Saturday 9am – 9pm

Omnium Radio

Is a Community Interest Company that gives everyone the opportunity of being involved with radio. They welcome anyone no matter their abilities, presenter have a range of abilities such as down syndrome, visual impairment, autism and other additional needs. They are passionate about supporting anyone to run a radio show and encourage equality within the community.

Units to rent

We have small units that used to store the barrels and lines when it was a pub. When we run markets creatives and makers sell out of them. They are available to rent on a day by day or monthly basis. Get in touch if you would like to know more through hello@nudge.community