A collaboration between Borrow Don’t Buy and Nudge.

We noticed how many people in our community can’t get on-line because they don’t have access to the devices they need. This means they can’t keep in touch with friends and family, do their school work and find out important health information during this strange time.

We also knew that lots of people have devices at home that they no longer use. So we worked with Borrow Don’t Buy and their Repair Cafe to get donated devices revamped and ready to be given to a family that needs it and being kinder to our environment. It costs from £5 to £50 to get a device ready to gift on.

Thanks to some amazing donations we now have 24 devices going out into our community.

If you would like to help here is how….

Donate a device

You can drop devices to Union Corner, 96 Union Street between 12-2pm Monday – Friday or email hello@nudge.community and we’ll arrange a time come and collect.

Make a donation

If you would like to contribute towards the cost of the Repair Cafe getting a device up and running and reach more families in need get in touch with us. On-line donation will be coming soon.

Connect us

If you know someone struggling at home because they don’t have a device let us know. We focus on the Stonehouse neighbourhood but we know other people who can help too.

Let’s connect together.