Nudge Community Builders has been set up by local people who have been volunteering and leading Stonehouse Action in Plymouth for many years. We kick started the Street Party, created Union Corner and are inspired and asked by our community to do more.

Nudge Community Builders is here to grow and build on all that local knowledge and experience to really make a difference in our area and make sure the local community benefits from changes in our area in a way that is unique and special. Here are our latest Nudges.

We also give other communities and organisations a little nudge towards their dreams. If you would like us to work for you please get in touch.

We are supported by these lovely people:

Say hello to Team Nudge:


Wendy Hart and Hannah Sloggett -Founders and Directors

Wendy and Hannah live in Stonehouse with their families. They have volunteered in their community for over 10 years.

Wendy has a professional background in social housing and supporting the voluntary sector. Hannah was a Planning Manager for Plymouth City Council with a background in community engagement and regeneration.

Laura Kelly – Nudge Co-Ordinator

Laura has a degree in jewellery and illustrate’s/creates in her spare time. She was volunteering and working at Plymouth Arts Centre when she met Hannah and Wendy. She has worked in hospitality, arts organisations and we are delighted she is working for Nudge.

Helen Williams – Creative Enabler

Helen has a background in the arts and has worked with a range of cultural organisations in the city. She is completing a creative educational degree at PCA and has set up her own CIC. Get to know her more here!

Nudge has a board of Directors made up of local residents and business people. Find out more about how Nudge works on our governance page.

And you? If you would like to join us on the Nudge journey add your details here to become a member. We’ll get in touch to confirm with you, and you’ll be kept involved with all the latest goings on.