Investing, stress and a trolley

We always knew that a community share offer was going to be a roller coaster – it’s one of those experiences you don’t enjoy but after you really love (we hope)!!! We’ve raised over £170,000 of investment in 6 weeks from 170 fabulous people who believe in Nudge… but if we don’t reach our minimum target of £285,000 we lose it all. So if you have been planning to invest why not do it now and help us get there.

Celebrating 90 years since The Gaumont Cinema was opened in 1931 with 90 cupcakes and lights (images by David Cunningham)

We had a summer of preparing detailed plans, finances and share info – we know a lot of people don’t have time to read all that (but it’s there to be dived into here) so we wanted to share a few things we’ve heard people don’t realise….

  • Its an investment NOT a donation – think Dragons Den where you are the dragon and we’ve just come up in the lift (and yes you can come and quiz us, we’ll even find you a fancy chair).
  • £50 means as much as £50,000 although right now we could do with some bigger investors wanting up to 3.6% return and to do some good – but we don’t know many of these people because we spend most of our time hanging out on Union Street!!! If you know people that are wealthy and care about the impact empty buildings have on communities, share the info, connect us up, a little nudge can be all that’s needed.
  • An investment is the perfect Christmas pressie and a great way to show your business cares about the city.
  • If you’ve ever moaned that the city is missing a fab medium sized venue that is locally run and celebrates local talent this is your chance to put that right and make it happen!
  • We all know doing things on-line doesn’t work for everyone – if you’ve sat down to invest and got in a muddle get in touch, we can add your investment for you. Pop into The Plot or email

Knotting up

We might appear all confident and sorted but we definitely don’t feel that way a lot of the time- asking people for money, finding out if we have the support people say we do is an uncomfortable but important process. It’s at the heart of being a community benefit society and creating collective ownership of buildings – the reason as local residents we started nudging.

To manage the constant need to check to see if anyone has invested we decided to cover an abandoned Kwik Save shopping trolley found in The Millennium with crochet (classic nudge randomness with scrapstore essentials). We have literally crocheted our nervous energy away. It is as Amie describes it ‘a stress explosion’.

This funny trolley of joy, will be used for years and every section holds a memory…

The day when someone asked to buy 20 shares for gifts, the day when Co-ops UK and Power to Change decided to invest £100k, the days when it feels like we’ll never make it and get full of doubt and want to crawl under a blanket, the days when we feel really down and the day someone at The Plot decides the trolley needs wing mirrors…it’s all been crocheted out.

It’s now got lights and is the perfect vehicle for our 1 minute disco! (Watch out for it making its debut at Aldi soon!)

So if you have invested – thank you for believing in us – if you can give a friend a nudge that would be amazing. If you’re new to all this or have been putting it off for a rainy day – take a look at our share offer now!

Obviously we advise you to read all the stuff and definitely don’t invest more than you can afford (with The Clipper investment we have managed to pay people back early if their circumstances change- we care about you as much you care about us xxx)

Hope to see you all at our Christmas market on 17 and 18 December at The Plot.

Love Hannah, Wendy and all at Team Nudge xx