People need people

The health implications of loneliness and isolation are huge and as a community we all have a part to play – people need people. If there is one thing we have learnt over the last month it’s that we all need a bit of fun right now, that we can do that if we are creative and careful, and the results are properly heart warming.

This has been huge month for Nudge and we are not going to lie – there have been many sleepless nights, long days and nervous tension – but we’ve also had so many laughs and moments that make it all 100% worth the effort. We share some of our learning and highlights…

After months of detailed planning the Union Street Party actually happened. The risk assessments and plans had all been checked and double checked by the Council, Public Health and the Police – it was a well planned event on paper but what would happen on the day?

A fantastic team of volunteers, socially distanced hoolahoops, track and trace tombola…we had it all going on. As Wendy said it looked like a village dog show with the amount of bunting set out to create the one way system and we had no idea how people would respond. Then the sun shone and over 1200 of you lovely people turned out, everyone was incredibly careful and thoughtful. Just SO much joy, love and colour on the street!!!!

You might have spotted Lacey – joining Team Nudge just before the street party she got stuck straight in. At 18 years old she is already bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to what we do and is now busy hatching plans for winter events at The Plot to keep us all going.

We then went straight in to our AGM or AGN (Annual General Nudge) as we call it. It wasn’t the same on-line but such is the way. We still felt loads of supportive vibes coming through Zoom and our board has two new members – Kitty and Will, both live locally and will bring a younger voice and new thinking to the board as we continue to grow.

Then, last weekend was Plymouth Art Weekender – what an amazing few days for the city! So much going on, so many people came along to check out all the local talent and we are really proud to have been able to contribute. Each of our buildings were buzzing in different ways – so many good chats, creativity and connections. Will Luz was out on the street chatting all thing ‘Union’. Tom, Minski and The Hedgerow Hound had a mellow vibe at The Clipper. Jabulani was buzzing as people tried out the diverse food court starting out at The Plot they were featured in the local paper too.

We couldn’t have got through September without the love of SO many organisations and wonderful people who support us, rock up and join in…too many to name…but you know who you are THANK YOU xxx

If you missed all this you can still pop along to The Plot to see Angies Stonehouse Secret mugs, Walter the Rhino, Sue Lewry’s 15m long screen print, Will Luz’s Pavillion and Low Profile’s Commission for The Box, and of course the Jabulani food court for some yummy lunch.

We have a call out for a new business to join us in The Clipper, check it out and please send it on to anyone you know who is looking to get their venture going in a fab little space.

So, it’s looking like winter is going to be a tough one for us all. We’ll be working hard to keep our spaces open with activity to come and enjoy, please spend local, and keep checking in on each other. We are stronger together.

Lots of love

Hannah & Wendy and all at Team Nudge xxx

One thought on “People need people

  1. Bill Phillips says:

    The Nudge has made such a good impact on Stonehouse…the staff are just brilliant.. helpful.. understanding.non judgemental…a particular shout outs to Cherokee..
    Keep doing what you’re doing guys
    It’s appreciated… very much

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