February update

Over our first few months the team at Nudge has laughed, cried, stamped our feet and crossed our fingers and we have actually achieved quite a lot, so we thought we’d share some of what we have been doing with you…

  • Completed on building number 1 – yes, we actually own something, it’s the Clipper and you can find out the latest here.
  • Showed 129 people around the Clipper – listening to their ideas and what they think would work
  • Recruited its first member of staff – welcome to Laura who has settled into our adventure amazingly! If you have not met her yet, you are sure to see her at Union Corner or in the Clipper soon. She’s also behind our growing Instagram feed @nudgecommunity
  • Had our first proper board meeting – with Directors from the local community coming together to support and guide us on our journey
  • Worked with the Hoe Neighbourhood Forum to get its community conversations started
  • Created our first payslip – it sounds like a little thing but it was a steep learning curve for us – PAYE, pensions, bank accounts – it is not as easy as it looks.
  • Supported 7 people and organisation to go through their projects and help them progress
  • We got locked in to the Clipper (dodgy locks in old buildings) luckily Laura had just started so we threw the keys out so we could be rescued!
  • Done some talks and meetings with super important people – from Cooperatives UK, to legal people and Power to Change, it’s been brilliant to share our learning, how things feel and what we’ve done.
  • Created an office – a little room at the back of the Clipper that had been used for interesting things – only a bed and desk required…has been magically transformed into a cute cosy work space for us Nudgers.
  • Worked with RIO to start recording their data in new and fun ways.
  • Worked really hard to secure finance to drive us forward and had amazing support so far from Rank, the Reach Access Fund and the School for Social Entrepreneurs
  • Made some headway with planning our share offer – watch this space!
  • Had our first after work drinks.
  • Had some really love press coverage – we are feeling the Plymouth love.
  • Thanked our early door investors – we could not do it without them.

So we are off! Watch this space and if you would like help, have an idea or just want to come and have a nose around please get in touch.

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